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Bulls on parade

Rage Against The Machine:


I first saw this picture several years ago, and when I describe it to people, they think I’m exaggerating:

The solution

To poverty and social unrest in the UK?

You guessed it: Charter schools (called “free schools” there) and school discipline!

Psychologist Timothy Wilson is an incredibly boring speaker, but has some interesting things to say:

The jobs plan

From Moon over Alabama:

Obama’s jobs plan:

  • “We will continue to falsely diagnose a solvency crisis as a normal liquidity recession.” (I would otherwise have to demand credit write downs from those criminal banksters who pay for my reelection bid.)
  • “We will cut the payroll taxes which pay for social security.” (This will make it easier to later gut the whole program.)
  • “We will pay for that by later cutting Medicare and Medicaid.” (See how I never lose sight of my original aims.)
  • “We also ask the Congress supercommittee to find more ways to cut spending.” (Time for the catfood commission to earn its name.)
  • “We will give tax breaks to companies that hire workers.” (Just fire them from those well payed jobs, rehire them for less and get another tax break. What’s not to like here?)
  • “We will give some money to the cities and towns so they can keep more policemen on their payrolls.” (We will need those when the people eventually start to revolt.)
  • “We will put up $10 billion of the people’s money toward a public-private infrastructure bank. (Here is some upfront money for the banksters to privatize more of the now public owned space.)
  • “We will also offer money to rehab vacant and foreclosed hoses that are now owned by the banks.” (They never really wanted those houses so why should they pay for them?)
  • “We ask Congress to pass this immediately.” (Please don’t give anyone time to find out what really is behind these ideas.)


Still giving AAA ratings to toxic mortgage derivatives!

Online criminals

The RIAA has no shame, none at all. I mean, just look at this ad. Please, go sign the petition.

Now, let me point out that the people still stealing money from artists all work for the record industry:

Cutting back

I’m having severe pain in my arms and neck today, so I won’t be keeping my usual frenetic pace. If anyone else wants to step up, I’ll be much obliged!


Al Qaeda, you know what you’ve done to America? You’ve made us indifferent. You want to set off another bomb? Yeah, okay. Whatever. We’re so used to the domestic battering that resulted from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that sucked up all the disposable cash that we’re numb.

If we’re lucky, FEMA has enough funding left to come in and clean up whatever’s left.

I saw the local police chief on my teevee this morning, talking about how he was briefed by the FBI on the possibility of an attack in Philadelphia — even though they have no information that indicates we’re a target. But it’s very, very important that we are very, very scared.

Al Qaeda, what can you do to us that makes our lives worse? No jobs, no money, no hope. No government that’s willing to help us, they only want to help the other countries where we’re at war. Always enough money for war and the profiteers.

That’s what your boy Osama wanted to do: He wanted to bleed our economy dry, the way he did the Soviets. Congratulations, you did it! Anything you do at this point is just gilding the lily.

But if you do bomb us, maybe they’ll finally find the money to help right here at home. Silver lining!


David Weprin is now losing the safe democratic seat previously held by Anthony Weiner 44-50 to the republican.

Reminder: 56% of Weiner’s constituents wanted him to stay, but the DCCC and the Democratic leadership knew what was best for the 9th district of NY. it was a safe seat. And while the true impact is negligible, as the 9th is likely to be redistricted out of existence, the optics are awful, it exposes the DCCC to charges of incompetence, and it’s a huge waste of money and time.

But that’s the DCCC for you: Suuuuuper-geniuses, all of them.

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