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Anyone who doesn’t know this was happening is a moron:

Philadelphia School District investigators found evidence of “several violations” in state testing protocol at Roosevelt Middle School, supporting teachers’ assertions that cheating occurred at the school, according to a nine-page internal report obtained by The Inquirer.

The report contradicts statements by senior officials that allegations of cheating at the East Germantown school – first reported in The Inquirer on May 1 – were “unfounded” and that investigators were stymied because no one had come forward to identify those they saw or suspected of cheating.

“They have never named a name,” Fran Newberg, the district’s deputy chief of accountability and educational technology, said at a news conference last month.

Yet the report explicitly describes administrators coaching students and staffers looking at tests and giving back unfinished papers to pupils for them to complete. One student’s exam was completed and turned in even though the girl was absent the day of the test, according to the report.

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Rory Block:

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Brad DeLong.

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Lovin’ whiskey

When you’ve tried to love a man who’s lovin’ whiskey…

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A day that may change it forever. The most inspiring news I’ve heard in a while….

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Obama’s latest victim — the EPA

The treachery continues, but it’s hard to imagine what the endgame is. The smog decision is a new low…

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