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They’ve all come to look for America

At Occupy Seattle:

(AP) SEATTLE – A downtown march and rally in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement turned briefly chaotic as police scattered a crowd of rowdy protesters — including a pregnant 19-year-old and an 84-year-old activist — with blasts of pepper spray.
Protest organizers denounced the use of force, saying that police indiscriminately sprayed the chemical irritant at peaceful protesters.

The Occupy Seattle movement released a written statement late Tuesday expressing support for “a 4-foot 10-inch, 84-year-old woman, a priest and a pregnant woman who as of this writing is still in the hospital.”

Scott Walker’s jobs plan

These people are just plain fucking crazy:

Wisconsin is facing a jobs crisis. The state’s official unemployment rate, down to 7.1 percent in January, has risen to 7.8 percent since Republican Gov. Scott Walker took office. But Walker and the GOP-led Legislature have a plan: First, they curtailed collective-bargaining rights and threatened to lay off government workers, including teachers, cops, and firefighters. Then Walker called a special jobs-focused session of the Legislature, which he dubbed “Back to Work Wisconsin,” to pass even more “job-creating” laws. At the top of the jobs agenda? Gutting the state’s sex ed standards and replacing them with abstinence-only education.

A bill launched during Walker’s jobs session and nearing passage in the Legislature would repeal significant portions of the state law that requires schools to provide comprehensive, scientifically accurate, and age-appropriate sex ed. On Wednesday, the state Assembly’s education committee is scheduled to consider whether it should join the Wisconsin Senate, which approved the bill on November 2, in voting for repeal. Republicans hold big majorities on the education committee and the Assembly overall, so the bill is expected to pass easily.
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Ezra Klein thinks the mayor did the movement a favor by attacking the OWS encampment, because the attack reinvigorated the occupiers. More here.

Free labor

I really am surprised Obama hasn’t forced people here to do the same thing:

Britain’s young unemployed are being sent to work for supermarkets and budget stores for up to two months for no pay and no guarantee of a job, the Guardian can reveal.

Under the government’s work experience programme young jobseekers are exempted from national minimum wage laws for up to eight weeks and are being offered placements in Tesco, Poundland, Argos, Sainsbury’s and a multitude of other big name businesses.

The Department for Work and Pensions says that if jobseekers “express an interest” in an offer of work experience they must continue to work without pay, after a one-week cooling-off period, or face having their benefits docked.

Young people have told the Guardian that they are doing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour and have to be available from 9am to 10pm.

In three such cases jobseekers also claim they were not told about the week’s cooling-off period, and that once they showed a willingness to take part in the scheme they were told by their case manager they would be stripped of their £53 a week jobseekers allowance (JSA) if they backed out.

Twenty-two-year-old Cait Reilly is currently completing three weeks at Poundland, working five hours a day.

Last week, Reilly, who graduated last year with a BSc in geology from Birmingham University, found herself with five other JSA claimants stacking and cleaning shelves at Poundland in south Birmingham.

Reilly says there are around 15 other staff at the store but unlike them she will receive no remuneration for her work.

“It seems we’re being used as some free labour especially in the runup to Christmas,” she said.

Discovery Channel chickens out

This really makes me furious. Yeah, we all know the corporate media censors content, but this one’s pretty crucial, and I resent the fact that political interests have so intimidated the media, they feel compelled to eradicate the truth:

An episode of the BBC’s Frozen Planet documentary series that looks at climate change has been scrapped in the U.S., where many are hostile to the idea of global warming.

British viewers will see all seven episodes of the multi-million-pound nature series throughout the Autumn. But U.S. audiences will not be shown the last episode, which looks at the threat posed by man to the natural world. It is feared a show that preaches global warming could upset viewers in the U.S., where around half of people do not believe in climate change.

The series of six episodes has been sold to 30 countries, including China, one of the world’s biggest polluters.

[…] In the U.S., Frozen Planet is being aired by Discovery. They were involved in the joint-production of the series. Yet they are still refusing to accommodate Frozen Planet in its entirety.

The timing of a one-sided global warming programme could be particularly sensitive in the U.S., where climate change is an issue in the presidential race.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry accuses climate scientists of lying for money.

A poll earlier this year found that the majority of Americans believe that if climate change does exist, it is not caused by humans.

With Thanksgiving so near and the Christmas holidays close behind, I thought it would be useful to give readers a heads up on just how overbearing these gun-hating liberals have become. Witness this recent letter to Dear Amy :

Dear Amy:  When our family gets together for any holiday, my niece’s husband has to bring a gun with him. He has a permit. He thinks his permit gives him permission to carry a loaded gun wherever he goes. He even takes it to church.

I have requested that he leave the gun at home when coming to my house. He says that if he cannot bring his gun then his family won’t come to our home. There will be small children at the house, but he says it’s OK because his kids are fine with it.

Should I let him bring the gun or tell them they need to stay home? — Gun Battle

Well! It turns out Dear Amy is just another bleeding heart, biased liberal “journalist”. Does she ask an NRA spokesperson for proper gun etiquette, where she would have learned that an armed Christmas party is a polite Christmas party? No, she does not. Instead, she turns to the gun-hating Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, who responded with this most likely phony statistic: “A gun in any home is four times more likely to be used to kill or injure a loved one in an unintentional or accidental shooting than it is to be used for self-defense (bradycampaign.org).” Oh yeah, right!

Then this silly woman goes on to cite the (probably liberal) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who claim that more than 4,000 children and teens are wounded or killed in unintentional shootings every year, and concludes, “Your niece’s husband may have a legal right to carry his gun, but you also have a right to maintain a weapons-free household.”

Excuse me? See, this is what’s wrong with America today. Your comfort zone ends at my right to keep everyone else in the room on high alert. If you’re going to behave, you have no reason to worry about me discharging my firearm in your direction! (Okay, there was that one time when I dropped my Glock and it shot Cousin Earl’s ear off, but that was a simple accident and was just as likely if I were slicing a loaf of bread with a Bowie knife.)

And then there was last year’s party, when my ex showed up with the new spouse to drop off the kids and we got into that fight. I admit, I was drunk and I did brandish my weapon, but it was only to make a point: “Don’t mess with Texas!” (Even though I’m not from anywhere near Texas, I just wanted to make that point.)

Anyway, someone who sees carrying a gun at a holiday party as anything but a plus must have a screw loose. Look at the benefits: No home invasions! No Grinch popping down the chimney to steal your presents! No Uncle Jack, mouthing off about how if they’d had DNA tests back then, I’d be calling him Daddy. Why, you son of a…

Happy open carry, everyone!

This post is written as part of the Media Matters Gun Facts fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship is to further Media Matters’ mission to comprehensively monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. Some of the worst misinformation occurs around the issue of guns, gun violence, and extremism, the fellowship program is designed to fight this misinformation with facts.


Still sick, couldn’t go to the gym today. Sharp cramps and chills, although thankfully I managed to sleep all night. Guess it’s just One Of Those Things Going Around!


So Second Mile board members gave a shitload of money to Tom Corbett’s (successful) gubernatorial campaign. Interesting!

Corbett is considered unethical and corrupt by a lot of people. Too bad Christiane Amanpour didn’t bother to find that out before she had him on as a guest.

McQueary: I stopped attack

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If it’s true, I’m glad someone did something to stop this. This is going to be one of those stories that just keeps unfolding:

A new email from Mike McQueary, obtained by The Patriot-News, describes in greater detail what he saw when he allegedly witnessed a boy being assaulted by Jerry Sandusky in 2002.

In an NBC interview Monday night, Sandusky said McQueary, the Penn State assistant football coach, got it wrong when he testified to a grand jury about witnessing a sexual assault. Sandusky told Bob Costas it was only horsing around in the shower.

The email obtained by The Patriot-News goes into greater detail. In the new email, McQueary writes that he made sure to stop the attack before leaving the locker room, telling his father and going to bed. The next day McQueary told Joe Paterno, according to testimony, and then explained what he’d seen to two Penn State officials.

In the email, McQueary said:

“I did stop it, not physically … but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room … I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police …. no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds … trust me.

“I am getting hammered for handling this the right way … or what I thought at the time was right … I had to make tough, impacting quick decisions.”

In the email, McQueary states that he also told Penn State University police about what he saw that night.

In related news, this seems a tad suspicious, because if a house is in both names, it automatically reverts to the surviving spouse:

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Joe Paterno transferred full ownership of his house to his wife, Sue, for $1 in July, less than four months before a sexual abuse scandal engulfed his Penn State football program and the university.

Documents filed in Centre County, Pa., show that on July 21, Paterno’s house near campus was turned over to “Suzanne P. Paterno, trustee” for a dollar plus “love and affection.” The couple had previously held joint ownership of the house, which they bought in 1969 for $58,000.

According to documents filed with the county, the house’s fair-market value was listed at $594,484.40. Wick Sollers, a lawyer for Paterno, said in an e-mail that the Paternos had been engaged in a “multiyear estate planning program,” and the transfer “was simply one element of that plan.” He said it had nothing to do with the scandal.

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