The Hail Mary pass

Sounds like he’s going to go for the chained CPI instead:

The Obama administration has ruled out raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 as a means of reducing spending, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced during a briefing on Monday.

The measure — which the President floated as part of a larger deal to reduce the deficit in 2011 — is widely supported by Republicans, but would only save the federal government a net $5.7 billion, while shifting an added $11.4 billion in health care spending to states, employers, and individuals.

The proposal could also devastate the majority of seniors. While the richest Americans have fared well during the sluggish economic recovery, most Americans continue to struggle with falling wages and job uncertainty. According to a recent report from the Conference Board, 62 percent of workers between 45 and 60 plan to delay their retirements, a stark jump from 2010 — when 42 percent of workers planned a delay.

Pesky questions

What someone should have asked John Brennan during his confirmation hearing:

And why did the SEALs kill the unarmed bin Laden, when it would have seemed strategically wiser to exert every effort to capture him alive? Imagine what stories this Saudi black sheep could tell! To explain why he was summarily killed, we were first told that he was armed, then we learned he was not, then that his fate was left up to theSEALs themselves.

Brennan—who ran the National Counterterrorism Center for George W. Bush while Bush was seeking re-election in 2004 and pushing the “terror alerts” button like crazy—has plenty of questions to answer.

Tell me baby

It was 1996, and I was hanging out before the show with Walter Hyatt in the kitchen of the Lansdowne Folk Club. He was showing me his gig guitar — an old archtop Stella he’d bought for a few bucks and had completely rebuilt. It was a great old guitar that played like a dream and rang like a bell. And I am so completely fucked up that when he died in a plane crash a few weeks later, my first thought was of that beautiful old guitar at the bottom of the Everglades.

Best alternative album

Bonnie Raitt’s “Slipstream” was named best alternative album. And that’s Mike Finnegan on the keyboards, who does Mike’s Blog Roundup over at C&L when he’s not on tour:

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