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Gaza aid flotilla

They will never let them help the people of Gaza, and the whole world’s in on the game.

When the full moon was in Aquarius

Did you know many of the Founders were heavily influenced by astrologers? I did. I wrote this back in 2003.

Sound familiar?

Ever hear that the Star Spangled Banner is written to the melody of an old British drinking song? Here are the original lyrics sung by the Georgia Tech Glee Club.

Pass the dutchie

Musical Youth:

The 4th of July

Once upon a time, I so related to this song. Whew, glad that’s over! Aimee Mann:

I can’t make you love me


Don’t get me wrong

The Pretenders:

Damn I wish I was your lover

Remember Sophie B. Hawkins?


Kriss Kross:

Pump it up

Elvis Costello:

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