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Fat man in the bathtub

Little Feat:

She runs hot

Little Village:

Strip search

Apparently the DHS’s right is somewhere in the Constitution…


What rules? He who owns the gold makes the rules!

Kill for peace

The Fugs:

Bob Roberts

Is one of my favorite movies (Digby just reminded me) and Tim Robbins, who produced and wrote it, and plays a teabagger-type millionaire, didn’t release the soundtrack album because he was afraid right-wingers would miss the satire. Here’s “Complain”:

They get hard

When they hear the word “austerity”. Deficit fluffers!

Bob Herbert

Leaving the Times. I look forward to the next phase of his career.


For the sake of their country! Looks like Newt’s created a new political narrative.

A prophet without honor in his own country

Beck’s (CT resident) radio program dropped by four CT stations.

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