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Jay talks with June Carbone, the Edward A. Smith/Missouri Chair of Law, the Constitution and Society at University of Missouri Kansas City .

Professor Carbone writes extensively about the legal issues surrounding marriage, divorce and family obligations, especially within the context of the recent revolutions in biotechnology.
They first talked about  Red Families v. Blue Families,  co-authored with Naomi Cahn, earlier this year:
Links: is bogus. Check it out.

Obama is no FDR, but what’s up with bolstering Willard’s deceptive talking points?

From a piece in Seeing the Forest that corrects FactCheck’s “facts”:

Yes, even after the stimulus turned things around we were still losing jobs, but losing fewer each month, and then breaking into positive territory and staying there.

As for public/private -sector jobs, yes Obama did try to save public-sector jobs and did a good job of that with the stimulus, but Republicans blocked further efforts, and in the state were able to lay off many, many teachers, police, etc.

And according to, that’s Obama’s fault, too…

Politicians sell themselves for much less

From Huffington Post:

By losing something, Catarina Migliorini could gain $780,000.

The 20-year-old Brazilian woman has been auctioning off her virginity online for the past few weeks and a man from Japan known as “Natsu” came out on top with the winning bid.

Natsu beat out five other bidders after a feverish final day where the price of Migliorini’s virtue jumped from $190,000 on Oct. 23 to the final $780,000 price tag.

The news wasn’t so good for her male counterpart, Alex Stepanov, whose virginity only racked up $3,000 from a woman in Brazil named “Nene B.”

But why no criminal charges?

From AP:

The latest federal lawsuit over alleged mortgage fraud paints an unflattering picture of a doomed lender: Executives at Countrywide Financial urged workers to churn out loans, accepted fudged applications and tried to hide ballooning defaults.

The suit, filed Wednesday by the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, also underscored how Bank of America’s purchase of Countrywide in July 2008, just before the financial crisis, backfired severely.

The prosecutor, Preet Bharara, said he was seeking more than $1 billion, but the suit could ultimately recover much more in damages.

“This lawsuit should send another clear message that reckless lending practices will not be tolerated,” Bharara said in a statement. He described Countrywide’s practices as “spectacularly brazen in scope…”

Agent who blew whistle on CIA torture gets jail time

What a country! Cheats and liars such as Lance Armstrong are lauded as heroes until damning evidence is presented. Real heroes are prosecuted for their good deeds:

Former CIA agent John Kiriakou pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to crimes related to blowing the whistle on the US government’s torture of suspected terrorists and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kiriakou, 48, agreed to admit to one count of disclosing information identifying a covert agent early Tuesday, just hours after his attorney entered a change of plea in an Alexandria, Virginia courtroom outside of Washington, DC…

More benefits? Only if you were raped and can prove it

ThinkProgress reports on an immodest proposal regarding poor mothers and newborns:

…Despite the fact that low-income women who give birth to children would logically need increased assistance to care for their larger family, Pennsylvania lawmakers — State Reps. RoseMarie Swanger (R), Tom Caltagirone (D), Mark Gillen (R), Keith Gillespie (R), Adam Harris (R), and Mike Tobash (R) — don’t want their state’s welfare program to provide additional benefits for that newborn. If a woman gives birth to a child who was conceived from rape, she may seek an exception to this rule so that her welfare benefits aren’t slashed, but only if she can provide proof that she reported her sexual assault and her abuser’s identity to the police…

Big Oil vs. clean energy: no contest

The more money they make, the more they want:

…Koch Industries and fossil fuel groups are mobilizing to defeat the extension of modest tax incentives for wind energy, even though oil tax breaks are permanent. The American Energy Alliance, which has Koch ties, aims to make the credit “so toxic” for Republicans it would be “impossible for John Boehner to sit at a table with Harry Reid.” The Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity is also campaigning against wind energy. Meanwhile, the industry has argued its own century-old tax breaks are necessary to maintain, despite years of record-breaking profits…

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