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No strings

Meyer Hawthorne with Daryl Hall and Booker T.:

Peter Daou.

Medicare for all

To those concerned that nations will soon fight over diminishing oil reserves: If you think that’s bad, wait until world population booms to 10 billion or so, and fresh water dries up. But that stuff is long-term. The short-term disaster at home is all I can stomach for now, just barely.

Wedding prep

My niece is getting married tomorrow. I have a nice dress I got at the thrift store, but I needed shoes. So I stopped by the Target this morning and got a really nice pair of dress sandals at their end-of-summer clearance sale for $6.24!


The anti-FDR

David Sirota explains.

Bad romance

I was telling my therapist I’d finally figured out the Obama puzzle. (I’d been complaining for months that I simply couldn’t fathom how, after everything that had happened, people were still defending Obama.)

But I’d had an ephiphany. “You know, it’s like when you’re stuck in a really bad relationship, and all your friends are telling you how crummy this guy is, and you’re still making excuses. I finally realized it’s because you look at each incident in a vacuum, at the micro level where it’s really easy to examine the context and rationalize things instead of seeing this huge consistent mosaic of their behavior.

“It’s when you finally make a sudden shift to the big picture that it finally hits you: Hey, this guy really is a bum,” I said.

“Not many people have the ability to step outside themselves and see themselves clearly,” he said. “That’s how they get stuck. And if you tell them they’re stuck, they get offended because you’re telling them what to do.” Which is true.

Still, I wonder when rest of the American people are going to wake up.

Fight the power

Public Enemy:

New info on water torture

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