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Yo, Phillies fans

Sign the petition to have the Phillies do a “It Gets Better” video!

Irony, thy name is

G4S, the British company that bought Wackenhut, and contractor-employer of the underpaid and poorly-treated security guards who are guarding Independence Hall.

Government-hating, self-reliant red staters

Yes, of course you knew.

Why so surprised?

Ezra Klein:

I knew the White House wanted a compromise on the debt ceiling. I just didn’t expect them to do quite so much, well, compromising.

Jamie Galbraith

Why this is a big fucking deal.

Princess camp

No, really, feminism won and little girls aren’t molded into gender stereotypes for the benefit of selling them things:

… Your child will act, dance and play at Princess Camp, a four-week camp for children ages 3 to 7 at En Pointe Dance Studio in Northeast Philadelphia. The princesses will start each day with a one-hour dance class followed by princess story time, a snack and tea party, princess arts and crafts, and concluding with princess dress-up games.

The maximum wage

A modest proposal.


Alan Grayson’s running again.

Here comes your man

The Pixies:

Angel of the morning

Chrissie Hynde:

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