On the whole

I’m pleased with yesterday’s results. Once again, we see that the Blue Dog mentality of the DCCC (yes, you, Steve Israel!) kept us from taking the House in what shaped up to be a wave election.

But we now have some real progressives (WOMEN!) in the Senate, and we held onto Sherrod Brown. Gimme that old-time liberal religion!

Plus, Alan Grayson!

Every rape apologist went down.

Three out of ten tea bag politicians targeted by CREDO SuperPac went down, and they just missed two more — including Michelle Bachmann. (Note: These people have proved they know what they’re doing. Give them money.)

Marriage equality and marijuana legalization passed in several states.

African-American voters saved Obama’s butt in a very big way. Now it’s time for him to step up for the black community.

The unions saved Obama by pouring tremendous resources into Ohio. Now it’s time for card check.

If I was going to take away one thing, it’s that voters got the message about Republican obstructionism and they didn’t want to reward it. So they didn’t.

Occupy Sandy

I’m happy to see the Occupy movement is alive and well, but I’m disturbed to see how chaotic and sporadic the recovery aid is from the “official” aid organizations. This story is heartbreaking.

Westfahl headed upstairs in the dark to the tenth floor. He encountered a woman wrapped in a babushka who gestured that she was both deaf and mute. Through pantomime, Westfahl determined that she had water, and she opened the door of her refrigerator to show him the contents. “She doesn’t have much food at all,” he said quietly.

Benham and Fidget talked to a Chinese woman who spoke little English. She was “okay,” she said, “but maybe person … ” she pointed them inside, where an elderly man lay in bed. Benham checked his vital signs, and they scanned the room for medications. “He’s got nitro — so he’s a heart patient, he’s got heart disease, that’s for anti-clotting, he has episodes — this might even be a hospice case,” Benham said. Out in the stairwell, he said, “In New Orleans, that patient would have been evacuated, and would have died in the evacuation.” It was better for him to remain at home for now.

It was growing dark. Piser and Westfahl left to answer one last dispatch call for a cancer patient who needed a daily dose of chemo. Fidget duct-taped a sign on the outside of the building saying that every floor had been checked by Occupy Sandy for urgent needs. “It comes down to the fact that they got these knocks,” said Lederman, the nurse. “I think it could be a psychological disaster — at the very least — if nobody at all came for six days.”

Obama wins!

Watching Karl Rove on Fox, arguing it’s not over yet… pure entertainment gold!

Go to sleep, kids. We have to start fighting the Grand Bargain soon and you’ll need your rest.


That’s SENATOR Professor Warren to you, Scott Brown! Charlie Pierce:

There will be a lot of talk in the coming days about how Warren managed to hang the national Republican party around Brown’s neck, and she did. But, more to the point, she ran as though she already knows what kind of a senator she wants to be. She ran as though she knew exactly the kind of hell she plans to raise down there. She ran as though she had some kind of idea of how to fill out a great office. For his part, in an almost perfect counterpoint, Brown made himself look small. He made himself look cheap. He ran a campaign of tawdry invective and unfunny laff-lines. Part of electing a senator is sizing people up to the dimensions of the office. Only one of these candidates could win by that metric, and the right one did.

To me, the most revelatory moment came in the last of their debates, when Warren, asked about the war in Afghanistan, said simply,”It’s time to get out now.” No qualifications. No relying on the generals. No crawfishing. Out. Now. A few weeks later, I was riding around with her and I told her that, as far as I knew, she was the only Democratic candidate in a contested race who has said that simple thing as plainly as she did. She popped her eyes at me in the way that she does.

“There was no other answer,” she said, as though being asked to explain why she had come to start breathing that morning. Oh, dear Jesus, she’s going to cause so many people so much trouble down there. She can fill that office right up to the ceiling.

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