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Ship of fools

Via Nicole Sandler, this one goes out to all the politicians. World Party:

Blowing away

Another song with the same name, performed by Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt at the Lowell George tribute after his death:

Blowin’ away

You old fire
I’m mad with desire.


Looks like a BIG storm about to pass through! “Damaging winds, destructive hail and deadly cloud to ground lightning.” Eek.

Non-profit status

275K groups lose it in IRS action.


It’s 92 degrees right now and there’s a 12-alarm fire in Camden NJ – at an abandoned tire factory. Those poor firemen…

Breaking news

Hillary Clinton to World Bank?

UPDATE: “No truth” to rumor, Clinton’s people say.

NE Philly and Bucks

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick voted to privatize Medicare. Attend his town hall meeting tonight and ask him why.

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick
Town Hall Meeting Tonight (June 9)
7:30 p.m.

NE Regional Center of the Philadelphia Community College
12901 Townsend Road, Philadelphia

Yep again

What David said. Especially this part:

I feel bad for Weiner but I’d have a lot more respect for him if he’d abandoned the tearful, interminable apology and instead told the press corps, “I’m resigning. This is not because of the sexting, which is legal and none of your business, but rather because I lied about it and got caught, and therefore will never again be able to function as an effective advocate for universal health insurance and other vital legislation that 99 percent of Democrats are too cowardly to touch. So have a nice day and go fuck yourselves.”


What Amanda said.

You know, Weiner’s real sin is that he lied to the media Villagers. You can hear it in their shocked narratives: “He went on all these shows and lied, saying it wasn’t his…”

How dare he? Once again, it’s about the egos of the media tribe. Fatal mistake.

This, as we know, was the real sin of Bill Clinton. Villagers have rules for affairs, and Clinton broke them. And so did Weiner.

Mind you, the Villagers don’t mind when you go on TV and lie to them about reasons to invade another country, or to crash the economy. That’s to be expected.

But when you lie about sex, you’ve insulted their imaginary credibility. It’s all about them.

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