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Defeating unemployment

I do think their hearts were in the right place. They were trying to lure unemployed workers into support programs intended to make them more employable, and they were probably desperate to come up with a way to show measurable progress at something. (We already know there aren’t any jobs, so any “solution” they came up with would have to be pointless, anyway.)

But damn, what a stupid, insulting idea it was. After all, everyone knows you need Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets to defeat unemployment!

Two days after defending its plans to give out super-hero capes to the unemployed, Central Florida’s workforce development board has killed the controversial public-relations effort.

Widespread derision became the campaign’s kryptonite.

“Workforce Central Florida has listened to the public, and will be withdrawing our admittedly out-of-the-box creative campaign, ‘Cape-A-Bility Challenge’ later today,” Board Chairman Owen Wentworth said in a statement. “Even though it seemed to offend some, it was the farthest thing from our intention, which was to introduce our programs and services to job seekers and employers who need them.”
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An Egyptian blogger is sentenced to three years in prison by the Egyptian military. Progress!

Don’t make us work ’til we die

Click here to find a rally near you on April 27th and 28th. If there isn’t one near you, join the Virtual Rally by taking a picture of yourself with your sign saying “Don’t Make Us Work Until We Die” and email it to: virtualrally@socialsecurity-works.org with your City & State in the subject line.

I am the cosmos

The original version by Chris Bell:

Lucy in the sky with diamonds


The pills make me much better at actually doing things instead of sitting around thinking, “I really need to do that.” What’s really strange, though, is I’ve only read one book in the past few days and I haven’t even finished it yet.

Plus, you know, cleaning. (I suppose it helps that Wellbutrin converts into an amphetamine after it breaks down in your system.)

Tomorrow is my first free day in two weeks and it will be nice to be home, all by myself.


What Digby said.

Start with the ending

Good relationship advice from David Wilcox:

Pack up your sorrows

Richard and Mimi Farina:

Shed a little light

This is an underappreciated James Taylor song:

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