Idiot wind

The news that Liz Cheney is running for a Wyoming Senate seat reminded me of this song. Bob Dylan:

I guess it depends on who “Stands Their Ground.”

Things have been quiet on the “Stand Your Ground” rants by my Wingnut debating friends that was spurred by the Trayvon Martin case down here in the sunny South.

It will be a while until the case comes to court, so, that will give those “Patriots” time to study their talking points regarding this, peppered with quotes from the Federalist Papers and revised Jeffersonian wisdom.

I did some quick surfing yesterday and found this very sad story about Marissa Alexander of Florida serving 20 years for shooting at her husband, her abusive husband. She has been denied a new trial.

I posted this story on the Social Media to see if any of my Right of the Dial debate friends would speak up about this mother of 2 “standing her ground” and the justice she deserves.


No comments. None.

Oh, yeah. Trials for Talledega NASCAR were yesterday.

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