Just another day in paradise

Woke up, had breakfast. Scanned the newspapers and other blogs – not a whole lot happening today except for the Newsweek thing, which although infuriating, is beginning to bore me since I know the media is so out of shape when it comes to asserting themselves.

Checked the want ads: Only one job for which I’m remotely qualified. I attempt to apply, but Monster seems to have lost my cookie. I spent twenty minutes fruitlessly fucking around, trying to remember my login.

Then the endocrinologist called with test results, sounded very solicitous. All the scary results from February are now resoundingly normal, except for low Vitamin D levels.

“Do you drink milk?”

“Yep, every day.”

“Then you need to take Vitamin D.”

“I already take it.”

She told me to double the dosage. Then: “You sound much better.”

“Yeah, well, there’s only so far down you can go,” I said. Which is true. Eventually I get so tired of being depressed, I give up on it. I feel better, at least until the next crisis hits.

Any minute now…