Eclipse story

Here’s a dilemma: What happens when you and your best friend break up with your boyfriends at the same time? Who gets crying privileges? Is the other friend still allowed to try to cajole you out of it and make you laugh? What if you start crying, too? How long are you both allowed to trash the exes? What if you trash her ex and they get back together? I suppose she gets dibs on most of that stuff because they were together for several years – and mine was (as Jon Stewart would say), “Eh, not so long.” But still.

In all our years of friendship, we’ve never both been down for the count at the same time. It will be hard to figure out the mutual etiquette: “There, there, go ahead and cry.” “No,you cry, I insist.”

Fucking eclipses.

Anyone else have a breakup story this week?