Dream land

Had the funniest dream last night. I was in the audience at an auditorium somewhere, and on the stage dressed in caps and gowns were all of my exes (even ones I’d forgotten about). Each one walked up to the podium, spoke into the mike and told me what he’d given me. I can’t remember what each of them said, but these are the ones I do.

My very first boyfriend said, “I gave you creativity.”

The alcoholic lawyer said, “I taught you the law, and the way things work.”

The bass player from a high-school friend’s band said, “I was the first person who told you you were pretty. But you didn’t believe me.”

My Dead Ex-Husband said, “I gave you music, and our children.” He was showing me a framed picture of the boys.

The funniest one was the Larry David clone, who walked away from the podium, hunkered down on his haunches (he’s very tall) in front of me, looked directly at me and said, “What I could.” (Which was never very much.)
I woke up laughing.

Wonder what the next one will be like?