Who don’t know that? (via Maya.)

Would it interest you to know that many, many metaphysical traditions say the exact same thing? Many moons ago, I used to date a grad student who was a quantum physicist. He’d tell me all this stuff and get really annoyed when I’d say, “Yeah, I knew that.”

Because, you know, I couldn’t show the work.

8 thoughts on “Duh

  1. Susie,
    I recall reading something like this many moons ago (the ’80s
    ?) , perhaps in Omni magazine

  2. So does this mean that we (in the “real” world that we are mostly experiencing right now) are nothing more than 3-D Avatars? In that case I’d like to ask where the reset key is..I’d like a do-over! (Which could also add credence to re-incarnation, kind of like a World of Warcraft alt character)

  3. agave@6: Some of us believe there are many ways of “knowing.” But you seem to have Wittgenstein’s Poker up your ass.

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