Obstruction and Acquiescence

Looks like the Republicans will try to block the jobs bill. Which reminds of something Paul Krugman wrote yesterday: “A vote for a Republican, no matter what you think of him as a person, is a vote for paralysis.”

But by now, we know how the Obama administration deals with those who would destroy it: it goes straight for the capillaries. Sure enough, Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, accused Mr. Shelby of “silliness.” Yep, that will really resonate with voters.

4 thoughts on “Obstruction and Acquiescence

  1. “Silliness” doesn’t quite describe what those asshole motherfuckers are doing (and have done) to continue to obstruct and fuck over the people of this country. If THAT’s the best Gibbs can do in speaking for the most powerful person in the world then he oughta go back to Alabama and teach 2nd graders, in which case, “silliness” is the order of any day.

  2. The Republicans are a run of the mill fascist party; they are not interested in anything but gaining power again. The people are as important as fish. As for the administration, that’s another horror story. After a year in power it’s clear that Obama is not a leader, his ideas are bizarre and he deeply believes that show is more important than acts. Just today, the NYTimes reported about another circus show in which he will talk with Republican and Democrats in the same forum about health care reform. Why? Why? To what end? We are stuck and in huge risk of the fascist taking over in 2012.

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