More Big Ass Snow

We’re getting another nor’easter Tuesday night and Wednesday. We’re supposed to get at least another foot of snow – unless it gets pushed north to New England. (This means you, Dr. S.!)

I was telling someone today the big problem is, where do you put the snow? In the downtown area, they load it into trucks and dump it into the river, but that’s not practical in the neighborhoods with all these narrow streets.

6 thoughts on “More Big Ass Snow

  1. It’s joyful to watch people staying at home hands burning to shop in snow closed malls. It’s quite hopeless when I look at my car with 15 feet of snow piled 3 feet high in front of it. Thursday I move to San Diego; I wish.

  2. Well, they could pile up the snow in mall parking lots, but it’s probably better to just let it melt — survival of the fittest, you know…

  3. I see on the teevee that the trouble at National Airport (in Rome on the Potomac) is that the airport is so small that there’s nowhere to put the snow once it’s cleared. At least that’s the story from the CNN media princess doing the ON THE SPOT reportage. In reality, National Airport ABUTS the Potomac River. But maybe the ones awarding the “emergency” snow-trucking contracts accidentally forgot that simple fact. Tell me some more lies, mainstream media, tell me some more lies!

  4. In New York City, they have huge melting machines. In December when I was there just after the last blizzard, IN THE CITY, most of the snow had been REMOVED from the sidewalks and streets by melting it.

  5. Sorry Cos, that snow in December was not a blizzard. It wasn’t even a foot of snow. Lots of wind afterward, but not very much snow. And it melted from the sun. This past snow also melted the same day that it came down. And there are no melting machines. They move snow from the roadways to the edges of the roads/streets. Years ago they used to dump snow into the rivers; I don’t know when they stopped doing that, though. Roads get cleared first, then side street. Building owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their buildings. The thing that NYC has are the garbage trucks that can be fitted with shovel-like devices and a large number of salt spreaders and large supplies of salt.

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