3 thoughts on “Obama and the Hamilton Project

  1. Jeff Cohen misses on two points: The problem with Obama isn’t only his Wall Street love affair, but his dysfunctionality. He doesn’t govern; he just talks. The problem with the left in the Democratic party is that it is a faux left. Clinton did more good for the working stiff than the left can comprehend. In February 2008, the Nation, what used to be once the real left, said that they endorse Obama although they know of his strong connection to Wall Street. Hello, is anyone home?

  2. I for one am tired of even discussing Obama and would like to find a real left leaning presidential candidate to challenge Obama in the primaries.

    There’s no reason we have to put up with him in 2012 and there’s no reason we should ask him to carry the flag for us.

    I think the first order of business would/should be to vet someone to make sure they’re on our side. The only person providing real Democratic leadership on a national level has been Howard Dean. And he did a good job at DNC.

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