NJ Gays To Dems: See Ya

Good. They can’t keep marginalizing people and expecting them to wait for crumbs:

The largest gay-rights advocacy group in New Jersey has announced it will no longer give money to the Democratic Party.

The move follows the state legislature’s failure last month to legalize gay marriage and amid growing signs that the effort to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is already faltering.

“No political party has a record good enough on LGBT civil rights that it can rightfully claim to be entitled to our money on a party-wide basis,” said the chairman of Garden State Equality, Steven Goldstein, as quoted at PolitickerNJ.com.

“No longer will we let any political party take our money and volunteers with one hand, and slap us in the face with the other when we seek full equality,” Goldstein added.

2 thoughts on “NJ Gays To Dems: See Ya

  1. I grow up in a country where everyone had to serve in the military. Gay men, I am ignorant about gay women’s protocol, could come to the recruitment office and declare their apprehension and unease to serve with many other hetro men. They would meet with a phycologist to ascertain that indeed they are gay (and just avoiding service). Then they would be offered a alternative service as a medic is small villages or the like.

    If gay people would just join, nobody cared. They served everywhere even in the cabinet.

    What the is the problem with us?

  2. I recall that during the Viet nam War—when the draft was so pervasive—the military was taking anybody that was warm. Some guys I knew back then avoided getting shot at in Nam by declaring their homosexuality during the first physical, whether they were gay or not. These are the guys who stayed stateside and worked as desk clerks. They all came home after 2 years in one peice.

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