4 thoughts on “Sorry, Kids

  1. I wonder when we’ll hear Pat Robertson explain that the east coast blizzard is god’s payback to … whoever he thinks is at fault.

  2. I already heard him on the teevee this morning, asking “If God was a Republican,” because He “shut down Washington and kept the Democrats from implementing their agenda.”

  3. Although maybe not yet at work, this recent series of storms shows the costs of climate change (and why “climate change” is the better term for generating awareness of the problem than “global warming”).

    I’ve heard that DC has exhausted its snow removal budget for the year, and it probably isn’t the only city similarly impacted. The economic costs to city governments alone has been huge. The consequences would not be nearly so severe if the storm had hit the midwest, where they have the experience, stockpiles of salt, and thousands of plow trucks to handle this type of snow.

  4. And see that right-hand red dot under severe drought? That’s roughly where I live. Short 30 inches of rain over five years, in a watershed feeding into a great lake that’s down. Canceled dogsled and ice races. And an area that’s gone up a whole hardiness zone in the 17 years I’ve lived here. I appreciate planting for zone 4, but it’s still wrong.

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