7 thoughts on “Poor Evan

  1. Evan is such a little wimp. I hope whoever gets his seat has some balls. Hell, he was a DINO anyway. Bye, Evan.

  2. Why Evan quit, according to CNN:

    “He hates the Senate, hates the left bloggers,” a friend and longtime adviser to Bayh said. “They are getting their wish, pure Democrats in the minority.“

    It is YOUR falt, Mr/Mrs LeftWingBlogger. It appears that Joe guy up there in New England gettin’ run out of the party over that Iraq flap was just the beginning of all this. Now you got Democrat Senators fleeing the ship ‘cuz they are TIRED of dealing with all you wingnuts…..it IS really what they think of you. How’s it feel?

  3. If he quit because liberal bloggers are mean to him, then honestly, he’s an even more pathetic excuse for a spineless coward than any of us could have ever imagined. Newborn kittens are made of tougher stuff.

  4. Quitting quitters and the quitters who quit.
    Good riddance. It’s a club. It needs cleaning out.

  5. It seems it may have left the Dems in a sticky wicket with not enough time to be able to find another Dem to run.

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