4 thoughts on “Take A Guess

  1. C’mon k, you had to have peeked, right? As for Ike and the Republican Party back then, I think it’s important to recognize that 1) the country was FAR less culturally/ethnically diverse than it is today, and 2) the media was much less influential and broad. And in this regard, consider how off-base it was for the media to delve into and report on a President’s “private escapades”. It was, indeed, a different time where a party could afford to espouse what we would now realize as ‘liberal” politics. But hey, Lincoln was a Republican also, and he had the nerve to free the slaves—-how much more progressive can you get?

  2. Of course I peeked.
    I wonder if this is what my dad was talking about when he said whatever that crap is about when you get old you become a republican.

  3. I knew it was the Eisenhower platform from the infrastructure platform.
    I also remember all the “I Like Ike” buttons being given away in both the 1952 and 1956 campaigns. [Dating myself here I think. Started high school at Camden Catholic in 1956.]
    Both parties wanted Ike to lead their ticket in 1952; knowing whichever party he chose would win the presidency. And at the end of his two terms Ike foresaw the threat of the military-industrial complex growth and warned us about it. A shame we didn’t take it seriously.

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