Inside Baseball

I don’t get into deconstructing everything the right wing media does. There are plenty of other blogs who do so and I figure, if you buy into the wingnut narrative, it’s because you have a psychological need to do so. But this Politico interview with Andrew Breitbart, the guy who pays James O’Keefe, is worth a look, if only to gain a little insight into the right wing’s sense of eternal victimhood:

6 thoughts on “Inside Baseball

  1. What exactly is a “twat”? Not that I agree with the guy, or whatever, I’m just not sure what a twat is: school me, please. (BTW, in the old days we had a meaning for a twat that I probably shouldn’t express here :))

  2. I am sure it’s the same meaning…

    and among the legions of right-wing twats, breitbart is by far the “twattiest.”

    His persecution complex is unreal, and he makes me grind my teeth every time he opens his mouth.

    The fact that he thinks Goebbels wanna-be O’Keefe is some kind of hero indicates the degree of his delusion.

    His resort to talk of “weaponized individuals” indicates how much in common he has with those that use young people as pawns over in the middle east.

  3. Wait a minute, according to Breitbart Rachel Maddow is “standing naked in front of the American people”????


    I need to see that NOW!!!

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