3 thoughts on “Blackmail

  1. Those guys wouldn’t know what to do with Paris Hilton.
    Noble savages with southern accents Bunning (Ky) and Corker (Tenn.) got debate-raped for three hours last night for their obstructionism. It went on until nearly midnight. Durbin, Sanders, McCaskill and others made Bunning miss his beloved basketball game, to which he took umbrage. They ripped him a new one without mentioning his name.
    I like, I like, but it’s still sad watching these corrupt pigs bray on about each other instead of doing the people’s business and passing the unemployment extension.
    Catch the wave on CSPAN when you can.

  2. Once again, why do we need Republican votes for anything, given we still have a majority of Democrats?

    Oh, right.

    Because the Democratic majority refuses to repudiate the filibuster that gives a veto to the Republican minority.

  3. on huffpo i’m seeing that it’s bunning holding it up as he complained that he was missing a basketball game on teevee. he actually said “tough shit” repeatedly…

    i gotta say again i am tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. i want palin for prez, a thug supermajority. i think the only way anything will ever improve is if those crazy ideologues have their way and totally drive this country in the ground…to the point that there is revolution in this country.

    watching the summit on cspan was an eye opener. thugs did nothing but lie, dems correcting them over and over. i hear that cnn only showed the lies and only had far right wing commentary, so now all the cnn watchers didn’t hear the lies disputed.

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