7 thoughts on “Why Obama Spiked The Public Option

  1. I’d like to point out that Obama didn’t make a deal with hospitals, the pharma or insurance industries. He cut a deal with the people who own them. It seems we can’t touch the income of the plutocrats who own us, even if it costs American lives.

  2. glad to hear from the bitter dead-enders!!!

    Always remember:

    Obama is not electable!!!

    The primary election was stolen by the Blogger-Boiz Mafia!!!

    All accusations of misogyny are TRUE

    All accusations of racism are FALSE!!!

    And–my personal favorite–

    a face scratch is really a bird flip!!!

  3. So, rather than bash this misinformation we have been functioning under, could you explain why the fuck Obama’s doing this and why we should be happy? Please?

  4. The bottleneck has begun (Wm. Catton, Jr.). The media won’t tell you anything of any substance so that you’ll remain complacent and won’t panic (like some people with respect to the IRS of late) or worry about your money, which is becoming worthless, or the environment, which is degrading faster than the scientists’ models predict, or the fact that oil IS running out and we have nothing to replace it, or that nuclear power is its own problem because we have nowhere to we get rid of the waste that lasts tens of thousands of years.

    Hey, enjoy your evening of distraction everyone!

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