3 thoughts on “California

  1. When expenditures get too far out ahead of receipts elites always want to deal with it by screwing the working class.

    Once in a while, a left leaning government decides instead to just default and screw the banks.

    When they believe that’s what will happen, the globocapitalist community discovers it really can give people a break, in one way or another.

    But there’s no way in Hell an American state or the American federal government would ever give the banks and the globofinanciers the finger, that way.

    They will always choose to screw the little guy on behalf of the banks rather than vice versa.

  2. Oh, and Susie is right.

    The voters are basically fucking morons, always ready to shoot themselves in both feet.

    Why democracy doesn’t work anywhere near as well as it should to protect the people from the sharks.

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