6 thoughts on “Cool

  1. Amazingly stupid article.
    Pool liners cost thousands of dollars.
    Why caulk it if you’re going to use a liner?
    How do you keep people from drowning in an eight foot deep dumpster without ladders and platforms?
    Plus, how about insurance liabilities surrounding the use of a rented dumpster for purposes other than intended?
    What about local laws and regulations?
    What about the structural stability of a 22-foot dumpster holding 87,899 POUNDS of water, which it is in NO WAY designed to do?
    I get the sense that this article is one of those generated by an article service where people get piecework pay to generate and copy edit them then push them along.
    Ignorant people writing about things of which they know nothing and seriously endangering others: It’s the next Best Thing in America!

  2. Pickup trucks with tarps are good.
    Also, those small stock watering troughs and tanks from Tractor Supply are awesome. Those prefab koi ponds from Lowe’s or Home Depot, maybe.

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