It’s still March, the most weather-volatile month of the year (don’t forget the March 13 blizzard of 1993) but it feels like spring. Yesterday it was 60 degrees here and today it’s going up to 59.

I’m thinking about things like seedlings and azaleas and working in the garden. Now that I can bend my knees, I can actually dig in the ground. (I’ve been doing container gardening ever since I hurt my ankle.)

I can’t believe we had snow just last week.

8 thoughts on “Spring-ish

  1. Can you practice guitar now?

    And yeah, 50’s now seem like normal highs. I might be too late for seeds that need cold treatment. Weird.

  2. we’ve got a bunch of seedlings going in the window (and by saturday, i’ll have a few flourescents which provide better, more consistent light, thanks to mom and pop).

    can’t wait to get my peas planted.

  3. I’m jealous brendan. I only really have north facing windows, and I’ve never had a plant live more than a couple weeks in my apartment.

    I stopped even trying a couple years ago. It just seemed cruel.

  4. Susie,

    If you’d like some heirloom, non-hybrid/non-gmo seeds, let me know what you like to grow, and I will send you what I have from my rather large collection, along with pics and growing instructions.

    As you may know, I focus on growing your own everything from food to medicinals in small spaces, at my blog. I would love to help you get the most food out of your space. The seeds I buy or save from last-year’s garden are all known for their heavy yields. I lived in apartments for many years, and always had something good growing in window boxes and on the balcony. I am sort of an expert at this stuff, and would love to help you out!


  5. Let me know what you like to grow. You can email me at my blog… Top of my sidebar.

    I’ll hook you up with whatever fits your needs.

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