4 thoughts on “Flexible

  1. Sigh. Speaking as a sometime Hamilton scholar, I can say with exasperation that almost no major political figure in American history has been more frequently misinterpreted than Alexander Hamilton.

  2. How can any man who has a Ph.D. from OU, and who has taught economics, be THIS ignorant? The quote is almost beyond belief.

    The man heads the man Teabagger group… Once they turn violent (it’s a matter of weeks, given the ratcheted-up rhetoric), he will have gotten away with inciting and funding domestic terrorism. Quite a second act after holding the second most- powerful position in the House of Representatives…

  3. Well Armey was a freshwater economist, and a long time ago at that, so there’s no telling. Then there’s always the possibility that he really does know better but is just lying. It’s a coin flip with guys like him.

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