Woo Hoo

Here’s one for the good guys:

WE WON! 75,000 emails in 24 hours convince Sen. Committee to kill anti-marriage equality bill

Thanks to you and your hard work the Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee just voted 8-6 to table SB 707! SB 707 is the bill to amend the PA Constitution to ban same sex marriage. This is a huge victory for us, since the vote effectively kills the bill.

This is your victory. We had over 120,000 emails sent to senators, over 75,000 in the last 24 hours! In addition, our allies and friends generated thousands more phone calls, emails and letters.

We should celebrate, but we need to remain vigilant. It is unlikely, but it is possible that the bill could come to life again. Especially if they think we aren’t going to act again.

Please encourage your friends and family to join us at www.keystoneprogress.org