Catch and Wreck

This happened in the playground where I used to swim. It was a few blocks from my aunt’s house, and we used to walk there in the summer heat.

This makes me very, very sad. I can understand why people who live in the suburbs are so afraid of going in the city. When you read stories like this, why wouldn’t you be?

There are so many screwed-up children here, and I don’t have a clue about what we can do. No one wants to spend time or money trying to fix the problems, either.

4 thoughts on “Catch and Wreck

  1. When grown ups in Congress can shout “babykiller” to a respected colleague and not be ashamed of his or her behavior (and even lauded for it in some press), then what can we expect of children? The cost of the lack of civility is high, as this incident shows.

  2. It would be interesting to know more about the parents of these kids and what their interests are. They probably don’t watch CSPAN either but there are many more popular programs which now regularly paint empathy, social justice and plain old human decency as parts of some dangerous commie plot to weaken the glorious USA. Violence and even torture have become ubiquitous on TV. We did some crazy things when we were kids but they were only crazy because we might have gotten ourselves killed. Hurting others was never a part of fun.

  3. This is like something straight out of “A Clockwork Orange.” These ‘kids’ are nothing but feral animals and need to be removed from society forever. Hopefully these savages will run into someone who is armed.

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