Weak Tea

You know how the Tea Partiers keep insisting they’re not Republicans, they’re against both major parties? Uh huh:

Pia Varma, the Republican challenger to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady who dubbed herself the “Liberty Belle,” has been temporarily silenced, and she’s blaming her fellow party members.

Yesterday, Commonwealth Court Judge Johnny J. Butler ordered Varma removed as a candidate from the May primary ballot in the First Congressional District because she failed to submit at least 1,000 valid signatures of registered voters on nominating petitions for her campaign.

Varma, 27, pointed the finger at Republican City Committee Chairman Vito Canuso and General Counsel Michael Meehan for the problem. She said she relied on them to gather legitimate signatures.

“The Republican Party in the city of Philadelphia is either incompetent, or they’re corrupt,” she said.

[…] Varma has campaigned on Tea Party precepts. She has done some writing for conservative pundit Glenn Beck. On her Web site, she describes herself as a “firm defender of laissez-faire capitalism, the economic system which best allows man to create, trade and prosper.”

The part that I think is funny is that she was naive enough to believe the Republicans were going to circulate her petitions for her. Boy, she really doesn’t know how this game is played.

3 thoughts on “Weak Tea

  1. Given how many people manage to screw petitions up on their own, it never ceases to amaze me that they’ll trust total strangers to do it for them.

  2. Poor Varma’s just a little naive. She oughta know by now that you just can’t trust those lying bastards.

  3. Out here in Bucks Co. there was a letter to the editor in the Intelligencer from a tea partier who was upset when she went to the local republican party to get something notarized in regard to running for a committeeperson position and being told no, that “they had someone already”
    The two things at work are 1) the two parties are private little clubs that really more about preserving their power rather than representing the views of the people and 2) the party faithful are afraid of the tea pary since they refuse to be controlled and have stopped listening to their creators.
    You know the tea parties had to be created by someone since the first most people heard of them was as a mention on talk radio. The talking points had to be out there to talk about the “grass roots” protests that were coming. Yeah this sounds like a conspiracy theory but I just feel that it’s right.

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