7 thoughts on “Deep Thought

  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    This bill is an illustration of our country’s abject failure to provide for the common good. It will prevent progress toward single-payer or universal healthcare by at least 5 years.

  2. I’m not at all happy with this bill, but it is a start. A friend pointed out that the first Civil Rights Bill was similarly a crappy, inadequate bill, but it got people used to the idea and made it easier to go back for more.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have either an MLK or an LBJ around.

  3. Don’t kid yourself. It wasn’t because of MLK or LBJ’s leadership that the bill was passed – it was passed in direct response to the riots that followed MLK’s assassination. They were afraid of more rioting.

  4. check your narrative and chronology…

    civil rights bill passes in 64, voting rights act 65

    much of great society passes earlier in LBJ’s full term.

    MLK assassinated 68.

    Of course, you did have riots throughout 60s, Watts, etc. but the “long hot summer” is 68

    rioting in response to mlk death leads to Nixon…

    one would tend to find that the backlash to the great society and the liebral project is found in the violence in the streets.

    That sort of thing horrifies the white middle class, leads to further white flight, nixon, reagan, etc.

  5. I read it in a pretty well-documented book on the political failures of pacifism that LBJ used the riots to push the passage of his legislation. I assumed it was the Civil Rights Act.

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