Don’t Make Me Shoot You

Yep, this is what the right wing Beckians are up to these days.

That, and planning an armed march on Washington – on April 19th, a favorite of extremists because in addition to being the date of the first shots fired at Lexington in the Revolutionary War, it’s also the anniversary of the last day of the government siege in Waco and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. No threat there, though!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Shoot You

  1. It’s just a matter of time before these retards’ self-fulfilling prophesies play out. Take your guns to Washington!
    That’s gonna be a hoot.
    These people are either inciting terrorism or are terrorists.

  2. These people are either inciting terrorism or are terrorists.
    They are both, terrorists and inciting terrorism.

  3. Rather weird seeing the quotes from the Founding Fathers… which to me appear to contradict what’s being said…

  4. F’n no nothing idiots with delusions of grandure play acting like they’re the fearless Sons of Liberty giving cover to real violent wackos within their midst that will tip into non-thinking violence. This is the danger of the mob mentality spurred on over the airwaves by people like Beck and Limbaugh and the Republicans pols who use them for their own political ends without giving much thought to the beast they are feeding. This is the danger here, not democracy.

  5. I don’t agree about the gun, but a picture pointing to a woman as a human being with rights … yeah.

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