Free Health Care for the Poor

It’s so simple when you want it to be, you know?

Peru has announced a new health-care plan to ensure free medical facilities for the poor in the country.

President Alan Garcia issued a decree to enact a new health-care law which seeks to ensure that free high-quality medical treatment is available to the poorest of society.

Under the new regulation announced Friday, the entire population will be able to get health benefits on the basis of three categories – contributory, semi-contributory and subsidised.

Government employees, retired people and professionals will fall under ‘contributory’ category, while people living in extreme poverty will be under ‘subsidised’ group and thereby be entitled to avail all the health-care benefits.

One thought on “Free Health Care for the Poor

  1. But…but…but…how do their private for-profit insurance companies get their cut of the money flow?

    Gotta let them suck as much as they want, ya know?

    I mean, we can’t just let health care money go for health CARE! What about the HCR? High Corporate Revenues??

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