Brush With Greatness

This is for the Phillies fans. Remember the big to-do because Cole Hamels was seeking alternative therapies for his injuries, and the Phillies ordered him not to see anyone who wasn’t a Phillies employee? My massage therapist was one of the people he was seeing for treatment. (He says Cole was a really nice, really smart guy who asked a lot of good questions.)

He also said they (the treatment team) were making real progress with Cole and didn’t understand why the Phillies didn’t bring them on as contract employees so they could keep working on him. Hmm.

3 thoughts on “Brush With Greatness

  1. I suspect they will say that any unauthorized medical people are a vector for performance-enhancing drugs.
    cycling is rife with these outside doctors that end up doping the athletes.

  2. Yeah, because no professional sports organization ever shot up an athlete with steroids so he could keep playing. I actually think this has more to do with athletes wanting to do what’s best for their long-term health – instead of the short-term money-making goals of the franchise.

  3. For the most part, major league baseball teams are extremely self-important institutions.

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