Oh and by the way

My beloved Phillies beat the Marlins in two games to move on to the next round of the playoffs, this time against the Braves. After the win, the fans didn’t go home! They hung around for another hour, and I had trouble sleeping last night. “Eleven more, Topper!”

The ballad of Trae Turner

Here’s how it started, with a Reddit post that spread to local sports radio:

And the next day, he hit a three-run homer!


Sixers take Game One

What a great game. So much fun to watch, especially Tyrese Maxey stealing the ball for a last minute trey. This should shut up all the people who say the Sixers can’t hustle. On the road, against the Celtics? Without Joel Embid? Damn.

By the way, the last time the Sixers won on the Celtics’ home turf was in 1981.