I dream quite a bit about trying to explain things to people who won’t listen. This is a relatively new development, probably to do with my frustration over my inability to get a larger voice in the world about the things that are affecting so many people.

Oh well. It’s definitely a step up from dreaming about tornadoes and tidal waves. That was getting all a bit too much like an action movie after a while.

But my dreams do take on a certain Charlie Kaufman-esque quality. Grand, sweeping sets, church-like buildings. An air of something important happening. I miss flying, though. When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying all the time. It’s been decades since I dreamed about it.

I wonder if you get to dream about flying again when you’re old and dying. That would be nice.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Funny, I too used to have lots of flying dreams, even into my 40s or 50s. But not lately.
    If you want to replicate the sensation, try some underwater swimming.

  2. And I can seldom remember my dreams…and I’d so like to do so. I’m kinda envious!

  3. I could fly just by jumping off the ground in childhood dreams, then as a teenager started with the catasrophe dreams (floods, nuclear war, bombs, car accidents, etc.) then more recent (middle age) dreams feature large run down buildings of one sort or another sometimes cannot find way out of or are trapped/prisoner in – of course, I only remember the stark bad dreams, I wish I could remember the good ones much longer! What a rip-off…

  4. Mine is a similar story ^_^ … used to fly in dreams all the time, sometimes waaay up high, though usually just a few feet off the ground. I rarely have those dreams now, and they’re less dramatic and “real” now. Interesting. Wonder why it goes like that …

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