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  1. Um, because (as Alan Grayson pithily pointed out, albeit apropo a different matter) they want us to “die quickly”…? God, Our Overlords suck.

    We’ve known that there are too many fucking people on the world for years, now. My bet is some conservative think-tanks came up with an easy solution–kill a bunch of ’em off, fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. They’re distasteful, are DFHs, and frequently “coloured”, anyway.

  2. Ah, “Human Resources.”

    You know, even if you’re lucky enough to be working, and luckier still because the boss seems to be a decent person … you should still know Human Resources.

    If it turns out that in some spreadsheet in Human Resources, rife with completely made-up assumptions and formulas that will never cross-foot correctly, your job is surplus to the ideal view of the company that they’ve calculated, you’ll be gone the next day. And if that means you’ll die on the streets, it’s fine with them.

    If it meant taking “downsized” workers out and shooting them, or kicking them to death in the nearest alley, the “ick” factor would probably be the biggest deterrent. It might be the only deterrent, and if someone else would handle that part … no problem.

  3. The credit rating is an independent machine, 3 credit bureaus, that centers on penalizing individuals for every slight to participating companies. Because of the large number of companies, the billions transactions processed weekly and the difficulty identifying individuals, the system is awfully flawed and once mistaken not easy to fix.

    Obama should have frozen the individual credit report system once problems started in early 2009. He, of course, doesn’t understand the repercussions of him seat on his hands, as usual. Allowing banks, in particular, to penalize the unemployed and the overexerted is what an FDR would have prevented; W, Carter and Obama don’t even see the problem.

  4. Credit checks to catch potential thieves before they join the company (???)
    Pul——essse! They need to check the asshole, overpaid CEO’s of some of these companies if they want to find out whose stealing. Boy, it’s a good damn thing no one asked ME for a credit check 20 years ago; hell, I’d a been unemployed most of my adult life!

  5. dandy’s comment reminded me that the only two thieves I’ve actually known in the workplace were both top execs with stellar credit ratings.

    So … why rely on credit ratings to screen potential employees, when even credit-rating company flacks admit there is a grand total of no evidence — as in zero, as in not any — of a low credit score correlating with a high probability of stealing from the company?

    If there’s no rational reason but plenty of companies do it, seems like there must be some big old irrational reason. My guess would point to people who look for opportunities to be vicious (“I’ve got mine, Jack, so f*** you!”), but maybe that’s just me being cynical. Still … what would be the reason?

  6. Because HR people exist to justify their own jobs and to remove any hiring risk, no matter how small. Which is why so many of the people they hire are so mediocre.

  7. Because a model somewhere, devised by a math head who hasn’t seen the light of day in 15 years, ‘proves’ that people with bad credit scores are shiftless and bad workers.

  8. I’ve had a couple of jobs that I just didn’t pursue after the interview because they wanted to check my credit and I knew they wouldn’t like what they found.

    My brother, who should have really fucked-up credit, actually doesn’t because he challenges every damn thing on the report. And wins! He defaults and has chargeoffs but he gets stuff taken off. Meanwhile, I got some of my *mother’s* bad credit (the ambulance company who brought my dead father to the hospital so he could be officially declared dead sued her and got a default judgment when she wasn’t snappy enough about paying the bill, which wasn’t covered by insurance because Dad “wasn’t admitted,” being already dead and all) on my credit because they screwed up her name and the credit companies decided it was closer to my name than to hers even though I’d never lived at that address. I was taking the bar exam in Connecticut at the time and they kept rejecting my application because they claimed I’d lied about not having any judgments against me. It took forever to get them to tell me what the problem was, and then forever to fix it.

  9. I lost my job the end of 2009 They sent it to Mexico because they do it cheaper. When my credit cards call, they tell me if I don t pay it will ruin my credit and I wont be able to get a job. I told them then they will never recoup their money! I say it is time for the american people to pull togeather and DO something.

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