Class War

I’ve been thinking lately about a story my mother told me about when she was young and worked in a bank. She said President Roosevelt was coming to town and there was going to be a downtown parade.

She said the bank bosses sternly warned the employees not to attend, and made it clear it would be frowned upon. But of course, she went anyway and was still excited about it, some six decades later.

The rich and powerful of this country have never gotten over their hatred of FDR and his New Deal policies. They fight tooth and nail about anything remotely resembling FDR’s philosophy that the poorest and weakest among us deserve our help – even when there’s not much of a resemblance.

What a great man FDR must have been, that he haunts them even today.

One thought on “Class War

  1. The loyalties of that generation didn’t stick.

    Multitudes of working class whites who loved him while they needed him in the depression and war years came to hate his spiritual heirs in the civil rights era, bolting from the Democrats to Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, and Richard Nixon partly over race, partly over hippies, and partly over Vietnam.

    And most of them have never looked back.

    They are the stupid ingrates among the so-called “Greatest Generation,” living now on Social Security, depending utterly on Medicare, but watching Glenn Beck, or Pat Robinson, or John Hagee, and cheering for the tea-baggers.

    And Barack Obama is just a little too dark for them.

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