4 thoughts on “New Rules

  1. I disagree, unless we’re talking about a long-term average. Consider this.

    How much did Louisiana put into the treasury the year before the hurricane? And how much did Louisiana (more than just New Orleans) need in the year after?

  2. This regressive approach would doom poor states to becoming ever poorer.

    And the wealthy in that state would not be the ones to suffer: It would be the poor getting even less than they do now. Of food and food stamps. healthcare, housing. Education. You name it.

    No. Not a good idea.

    This approach also would lead to some pols saying people should only get out of, oh, SocSec, what they put into it. And Medicare? Once a senior has used up his or her lifetime input to the Medicare pool, the ill patient would get no more care. Unless private for-profit insurance can be purchased by those people — which the wealthy would be able to do, while the poor and middle class could not.

    Big “No way!”

    This is not the way I think of how the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party should deal with the needs of our nation.

  3. It just MIGHT open the eyes of the people who again and again vote against their own interests. Explain it as this:
    ‘Really???? You want your state to be ‘Independent’ from the Feds??? OK. Let’s see how well that goes for you. Yes, especially all of you Militia Members on either SS or Disability. Medicare. Foodstamps. ‘
    Then see what happens – all of a sudden the Federal Government ‘will be out to get them’. Sure. Think about that when you have nothing to eat.
    The most southern, most conservative (Red) of states consistently take in more in Federal Funds than do the Blue states.
    Have people REFUSE Social Security, REFUSE Federal Flood Insurance, REFUSE Federal UI benefits. Have the Governors of those states tell their constituents: we will no longer accept any more Federal funds than we put in.

    Then see how quick the Red goes to Blue!
    Rub their noses into REALITY!!!

  4. It would shake people up to reality. It would shake people up into voting. Not for empty rhetoric, but for reality.

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