Another Reason To Dump Comcast

You might remember I’ve mentioned what a bad idea it is for a major cable provider to buy NBC? Here’s the latest proof: Comcast is introducing a right-wing cable channel called “RightNetwork” – because, you know, all those liberal channels are just too infuriating to watch:

This one’s a show where wingers play poker and make fun of liberals – an hey, the ever-popular Andrew Breitbart! (No, this isn’t an Onion spoof.)

You remember Andrew Breitbart. He’s the guy who’s always wrong and never admits it. Apparently this is a quality that makes him well-suited to appear on countless “news” shows – but you know what low standards librul media has.

Our mission is clear: to entertain, engage and enlighten Americans who are looking for content that reflects and reinforces their perspective and worldview.

RightNetwork will become an integral, relevant piece of their
daily media consumption On e that consistently impacts the
political and cultural discussions of Americans. Accessible
anywhere, anytime, from every device.

[…] The lineup focuses on entertainment with Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities — compelling content that inspires action, invites a response, and influences the national conversation.

This would be a good time to find another cable provider. Personally, I’d pay extra to a company if it meant I wasn’t supporting exploitive crap like this.

I urge you to file an FCC comment opposing the NBC purchase here.

5 thoughts on “Another Reason To Dump Comcast

  1. Comcast is way down in the DC area replaced by Verizon’s FIOS. There are losing customers in drove and decide to call themselves Xfinity instead. Real Yankee ingenuity, don’t do better, just change your name. It’s difficult not to be pro-business after that.

  2. I didn’t watch the right promo. It kept cutting out. I did like how the man’s face was covered by the flag.
    I think it would be great for the poker show to be picked up and run like an MST3000 thing.
    Maybe everybody is right. Maybe liberals are too polite.

  3. As folks know, MSNBC is not available as part of “basic” cable in many of Comcasts markets.
    I thought that when they bought MSNBC that would change … but it has not.
    Wonder if it will now.

  4. even more happy that i dumped comcast this past thursday!
    i can’t wait to see how many politicians they buy in the next election cycle. this country sucks ass…

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