Morning Joe

I really hate this show, because it pretends to be balanced but has a very specific wingnut agenda. Here’s a perfect example with Joan Walsh:

So who’s this left-wing figure spouting hate rhetoric comparable to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? Still waiting…

8 thoughts on “Morning Joe

  1. Agreed! I’ve been at the point, for a very long time, where I just can’t watch it at all. Scarborough’s a blathering right-wing idiot, and poor Mika’s a simpleton. How they stay on the air is beyond comprehension.

  2. Thanks Susie
    It really is unacceptable for them to treat Joan like this.
    Accordingly, I have issued a tongue-lashing to the miscreants
    on “Mourning” Joe.

  3. Know what you mean, Purple Girl. I don’t worry as much about my bp as I do about my tee vee if I dare tune in to the morning idiot.

  4. Wow. Never watched that show. What idiots. If they had someone in mind, if someone was so obvious, why couldn’t they manage to name him or her?

  5. Apparently they mean Keith Olbermann, who isn’t even a liberal, really. He just likes to be outraged. That’s not the same as hate speech, which Limbaugh and Beck use copiously.

  6. I think the magnitude of reaction by Joe/Mika shows the fear and respect of Olbermann within MSNBC. They didn’t want to be named “Worst Person in the World.” Plus, it’s an in-house fight: No one’s rating benefit by tearing down another MSNBC host. Everyone’s nervous about their contracts while Comcast is buying NBC and deciding what direction to go in.

    Joan Walsh, outsider from Salon.Com, didn’t realize that in this case, internal politics trumped national politics.

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