10 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Wow, haven’t had that in years — decades, even. Really good with a couple cups of Minute Rice (so there’s no liquid left).

  2. Make it last – add rice or noodles, add other mjummmie ingredients.
    Then enjoy it for at least two or three meals. With bread, mind you.
    Dunk the bread.

  3. We have our freezer full of ‘mega’ meals. Some containers with greens (my GF makes the best!!), some with beans, some with whatever, add rice or noodles.
    We try to cook cheaply for many. Then freeze it. We have ‘wholesome’ meals for many many days in our freezer.
    No, we don’t have a separate freezer, it’s just the one smaller compartment above the fridge itself.
    If/when you cook, do it for a family of 5 (minimum) then freeze it if you can. If you cannot freeze it – forget it.
    Our freezer right now is being taken up with beans, greens, curries, hachee (dutch beef stew).
    All we have to do is cook the rice or noodles – dinner’s ready.

    What I’m saying is: don’t cook for ONE person, cook for MANY.
    If YOU don’t have the freezer capacity – ask a neighbor or a friend to store it for you.

    Even when I/we get a job again, our cooking habits won’t change.

  4. What a load of tripe!

    Interesting — I haven’t seen any of that stuff since moving to California 44 years ago.

    I wonder if it’s available outside of the northeast, and what made them bring it back.

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