4 thoughts on “Thinning

  1. How bad is it getting, Ms Madrak? I worry.

    Don’t wait until the last dime is gone before considering moving to my country. On a tourist visa, you can remain here for up to two years.

    I have no clue as to your family commitments, but I believe that I can scrape together enough for the necessities, plus you can get your health problems taken care of.

    Crazy Nam Vet in South America.

  2. Edgy means trimming expenses. Please, don’t believe that there is any reason to go to terrified.

    I’m willing to help but I need a little forewarning.

    I see by the times of your posts that you are sort of running on your nerves.

    Accepting help from a stranger is not a disgrace. I have a reference that I have done this before.

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