A Bunch of Narcissism

This makes me weary. As I’ve said before, reporters shouldn’t be socializing with the people they cover, and it’s a little pathetic that they get so excited about this annual event. Oo, I get to wear an evening gown/tuxedo! Look, over there! Justin Beiber!

This nation is in the dumps. Lives are falling apart. Forgive me if your self-conscious tweets from this asskissing event fail to hold my interest.

3 thoughts on “A Bunch of Narcissism

  1. High school prom.
    Leno sucked, Obama blew, what a snoozer it was.
    I hope lots of the media animalia got plenty drunk and picked up herpes afterward. And so it goes.

  2. I’m getting “weary” too. These people KNOW it does not matter what they make fun of (us) because they now run the country.

  3. Let’s see now: we have 2 wars, an economy that sucks, millions out of work, Wall Street wallowing in billions of stolen money, an oil problem that threatens to eventually move up the entire Eastern seaboard affecting millions of homes and businesses. Oh, and let’s not forget those backward-leaning assholes in Arizona who’d like to incarcerate/kill-off/deport every brown-skinned Latino-American they can find. And we have a ‘journalists’/presidential tete-a-tete in which evreyone is laughing and licking one another’s assholes as if the country is doing just punchy. Maybe Mars IS the better alternative!

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