Get Your Goddamned Nose Out Of Our Private Parts

Honest to God, I’m losing all patience with the Fetus Fetishists. That they see the world in black and white shows how out of touch they are with realities like this:

Editor’s note: State Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, made the following remarks Friday on the House floor shortly before passage of HB 1143. The bill, which is now headed to the governor’s desk, would require all women seeking an abortion to submit to an ultrasound. In nearly all cases, medical personnel would be required to orally describe to the woman the ultrasound image before her abortion is performed.

Members, I like to paraphrase Pedro and say that there is no crying in lawmaking. But I’ll try to make it brief today. This amendment is so shortsighted as to be blind. You imagine that this only affects those wishing to terminate the pregnancy for no other reason than because it is their legally protected right to choose what to do with their body. But members, this affects every pregnant woman, including those that are losing their baby because of other reasons.

Last January my wife and I went to the doctor and we had our first ultrasound. At first we thought, ‘This is fantastic.’ It was just us and the (ultrasound) technician. At first everything looked fine. And all of a sudden, there were three doctors in the room. They tell us, ‘The measurements say this fetus has a genetic abnormality.’ We go to the next doctor; we get a second opinion, a third opinion. We’re told, this fetus is going to die. We don’t know if it’s two weeks left. The heart will stop beating in eight more weeks, 10 more weeks. It could be there for six months. We are asked, do you terminate the pregnancy now, or do you refuse, and naturally miscarry at some point in time?

We’ve seen three ultrasounds already at this point. And you act like this ultrasound machine is in another room, that you walk out into and go, oh, there it is. Actually, that ultrasound machine is right next to that bed, where my wife is laying, looking at this fetus. And she’s starting to cry. And she asks that that ultrasound machine be turned in the other direction because she can’t see it anymore. But this bill right here is saying “no, we’re going to demand one more time when you go in to finally terminate that fetus — because God and nature told you ‘not this time,’ that you be forced to see that screen, or you be told what’s on that screen, and that you demand it be turned away, but you’re still going to have to listen to the description of what’s still there. Members, this is something we’re about to do to women in this state.

But we’re not alone. Statistics show that about 25 percent of pregnancies are terminated naturally by God and nature. With today’s medical care, women don’t have to wait for the mother to keep a dying fetus inside their womb until it finally terminates on its own, or it finally miscarries by nature. So my wife and my sister are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of women that will be in the same position.

There are thousands and thousands of women who will be in that same position after this bill passes.

We knew the facts — we knew the heart chamber was slowly filling with fluid; we knew the facts — we didn’t need to be told that the fetus was slowly dying inside my wife’s womb. So don’t stand there and talk about facts.

Members, we constantly hear that this chamber is all about small government. The only thing this body has proven in the last six years is how this Legislature defines small government — six years ago this Legislature wanted government so small that it could fit down a tube into an individual woman’s throat named Terri Schiavo; this decade we have shown time and again that you want government so small that it can fit under someone’s bedroom door; and members, this year you are showing that you want government so small that it could fit between a woman’s leg and into her uterus. It’s not the small government that anyone wants.

I know that I have changed no one’s vote today because this body is controlled more by ideology than empathy. But I tell my story today because I want you to go home tonight and when you are by yourself and you have closed your eyes to sleep that your mind is filled with the personal pain you have brought to my wife, my sister and the thousands and thousands of women who want nothing more than to have the baby that is growing inside of them, but that unfortunately, God, nature and fate have chosen that it will not happen at that time. When you close your eyes every night, I want you to see their faces and their pain and the trauma you have personally brought them.

As Digby points out, these people really don’t give a shit. And frankly, I question their religious fervor. I’m guessing it has more to do with money and political power, more often than not.

Some people blame Obama for glossing over the steady erosion of abortion access and rights. Sure, I blame him – but mostly I blame the Democratic party for rolling over for so many years. Remember, a pitcher does not make the game; there’s a team in the field, too.

Our team sucks.

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  1. The democrats took a dive on the abortion issue when they allowed Roberts and Alito to be appointed to the Supreme Court. This way they could satisfy the “babies are God’s punishment for sex” movement without casting a vote directly on the issue. They could now say, “We are going to let the courts decide”, knowing full well they were packing the court the way that sect wanted it.

  2. After LBJ, political fighting was left for the Republicans (and a little Clinton). Finito

  3. If you want to make a list, add the so called women’s groups. Also, no one made Obama sign that executive order. No one but Obama loooooves the faith based crap. And it was his answer that put God in the mix. So yes, I blame Obama, a lot.

  4. We are seeing the ‘results’ of MF Rahmie’s handiwork over the years. BipartisonSHIT has his name on it, the loss of Mass. has his name on it, kicking Kucinich to the curb ea. year, that’s Rahmie the warwhore. More DINOs ………………soon he’ll recruit the guy who did win in Mass. Sorry folks loath and detest Rahmie and hold IT responsible for another BOUGHT AND PAID FOR pwRESIDENT in the WH. Unless they give us a Diebold selection, mid-terms will be a blood-bath for all incumbents whether PUKIE or Dim.

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