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  1. Ugh. Probably. Also, maybe you might want to add an ‘NSFW’ designation to this post. Thanks.

  2. The comments gave me a hoot. He just needed help to ‘lift his luggage.’ Heh!

  3. The comments bring out more concerns: this one, the second, has issues raised by the Kentucky Recource Council.

    Additionally, EPA unfortunately deferred to the Office of Surface Mining to develop regulations for disposal and use of coal combustion wastes as minefill at surface coal mining operations. At the end of the last Administration, OSM had drafted and sent to OMB a weak national rulemaking on that issue which failed to heed the advice or to incorporate the recommendations of the National Academies of Science concerning such ash disposal, and deference to OSM to take the lead in managing the environmental risks of disposing of metal-laden ash in coal mines is unwarranted given the lack of institutional experience and understanding at OSM regarding the proper characterization and management of coal combustion wastes.

    Or, is this something to carry the Dems through early November? And Obama will then reveal his true environmental concern and act strongly on it?

    Ponies, anyone?

    There seem to be way too many questions for either of these proposals to have a chance of doing very much. Looks like the Mack truck or larger sized loop holes. And seems to reflect Obama’s favorite end position of protecting the big corporations over the people. As in his (never passed) proposal to control radiation leaks into ground water (theninto drinking water) from nuke power plants: Voluntary compliance.

    Time for emails, calls. Again.

  4. This reminds me that we never found out who “hot military stud” and male prostitute Jim Guckert/Jeff Gannon was seeing on his many overnight White House stays.
    Best guesses are Dubya or Turdblossom Rove. Maybe even a 3-way?

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