7 thoughts on “Whatsoever You Do For The Least Of My Brothers

  1. Is he trying to get a job as a flack for a defense contractor? Is he a recent graduate of Harvard Business School?

  2. i think the question is “is there anything right about Jeff Jacoby”. he’s been spewing his nonsense for the Boston Globe since I was living in Massachusetts, and probably before that. If I recall correctly, JJ wrote some pretty awful stuff about gays and gay marriage in the 1990s, and then wrote columns perplexed as to why the gay people on the Globe staff were giving him dirty looks, refusing to work with him, and even requesting re-assignment so they wouldn’t have to edit his columns anymore.

    he’s a major league asshole, and in fact that’s what his column is good for: wiping mine.

  3. Republicans aren’t human. They just aren’t. Complaining about this obvious fact is like complaining that a live rattlesnake makes a poor housewarming gift.

  4. JJ proves his privilege when he says “no one buys more than he truly needs.”
    In the real world, people won’t buy more than they can AFFORD, regardless of their NEED. JJ obviously can afford more than he needs, unlike the 95% of the rest of us.

  5. Thanks for the pointer. I don’t bother to read Jacoby anymore but this column deserved a comment, i.e. You must be kidding.

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