Pew Survey: 70% in Money Trouble

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve met in the past few weeks who believes the Dems just added another tier of unemployment checks, we wouldn’t even need a Tier 5. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it still astounds me that Democrats are saying there’s “no political will” to add another tier of unemployment benefits, that they’re not hearing “any popular support” for spending the money.

That’s because people think that’s what Congress just passed, you morans. Are the Congressional Dems really that stupid and out of touch? Yes, they are. And they’ll pay for it dearly in the mid-terms. And you know what? They deserve whatever happens if they let all these despairing people fall off the unemployment rolls.

From The Pew Foundation:

Americans are united in the belief that the economy is in bad shape (92% give it a negative rating), and for many the repercussions are hitting close to home. Fully 70% of Americans say they have faced one or more job or financial-related problems in the past year, up from 59% in February 2009. Jobs have become difficult to find in local communities for 85% of Americans. A majority now says that someone in their household has been without a job or looking for work (54%); just 39% said this in February 2009. Only a quarter reports receiving a pay raise or a better job in the past year (24%), while almost an equal number say they have been laid off or lost a job (21%). Read more:

4 thoughts on “Pew Survey: 70% in Money Trouble

  1. ARgh. And if the Dems get voted out, that means the Repubs get voted in, and we’re (still) screwed. We need BETTER dems to win some primaries.

  2. I’m in tears right now. I’ve been getting letters and just now a phone call (someone with a strong Indian accent – in India? Probably) telling me that I’m in ‘collections’ just ’cause I entered into this whole fucked up mortgage modification thing from the Obama administration.
    All I want to do is live up to my obligations. I don’t want to walk away, I just thought that someone somewhere wanted to help. So I’m trying to be helped – yet I keep getting letters (Citimortgage: don’t worry about it) and just tonight a call, informing me that I’m in ‘Collections’.
    I don’t even know what to do – when I called Citimortgage, I was told not to worry about it.
    ‘It’s an automatic thing – the system doesn’t know you’re in ‘modification’ so it thinks you’re defaulting’. Yeah, and the collection agency apparently is in India.
    I’m just so out-done. I never wanted to default – but apparently according to Obama’s ‘Help plan’ (or whatever it’s called) you NEED to default, you NEED to screw up your credit…..and then still wait whether it’s gonna really help you.
    In the mean time, Citi Bank got BILLIONS of dollars.
    Again, I’m just so so outdone. I don’t know what to do besides cry my eyes out right now.
    It’s all so humiliating. To me only I guess, Vikram Pandit doesn’t seem to be humiliated at all. Certainly not monetarily!

  3. I guess for once I’m in a majority – sadly enough it’s the ‘Money Trouble’ one.
    Sigh. I must’ve done something bad in one of my past lives, or something.

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