3 thoughts on “Janey Cutler

  1. The hospital where I had my cancer sugery has a center for cancer patients and, once a month, there was a early afternoon reception for any who could make it. I happened to be at the hospital on one of those days and had gone to the center on a whim. They had a grand piano, and an older man, cancer survivor, was playing great swing and popular music, so I hung around for a bit.

    An older, very stylishly dressed and coifed woman joined him and sang a few Gershwin songs…absolutely beautifully. Just fantastic.

    Afterward I asked if she’d sung professionally and she told me that she’d always liked to sing at home, but had no real voice. Something had happened during or after her radiation and chemo treatment, and, suddenly, she found she had a real voice. I can’t recall what kind of treatment or cancer she had, but she’s enjoying the hell out of finally having a voice she could take out in public!

  2. She’s a sweetheart, but, just as in the case of Susan Boyle, her voice has been electronically enhanced. Not just amplification, but artificial reverb as well.
    And I really don’t like the planned reaction shots of the judges and crew.

    BTW, what’s happened with Susan Boyle?

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