6 thoughts on “Arghh

  1. When my son was a kid, he suffered from migraines. At our doctor’s suggestion we monitored his diet. Turned out the culprit was some sweetener, aspartame I think.

  2. I already avoid it like the plague, so it’s probably not that. For the first one, I thought it might be the new toothpaste I got, but I stopped using it and got another migraine anyway!

  3. How long has it been since your latest dental work? Are the migraines always triggered by chemicals, or could it be a change in the way you use your jaw?

  4. I’ve been getting them for about 15 years now. I’ve never been able to pinpoint what triggers them. Thankfully I only get about one a year and as the years go by they seem to be less and less severe.

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