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  1. It’s not quite as clear cut as the CNN report indicates. It seems to be a bit of positioning, with Sestak the challenger saying, hey, I’m not going to lose.

    Rep. Joe Sestak said Sunday that he wouldn’t commit to supporting Sen. Arlen Specter if the incumbent won the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, a sign of how bitter their race has become as well as a fresh worry for party leaders hoping to hold the seat in the fall.

    In contrast, Specter declared that he would endorse Sestak if things did not go his way Tuesday, quickly adding that he was confident of a win.

    The two combatants spoke back to back on CNN’s State of the Union With Candy Crowley less than 48 hours before the polls open, and as both men barnstormed the state to make their final arguments.

    “Sure, I’m going to support anyone against Pat Toomey,” the likely Republican nominee, said Specter, who appeared second on the show. Losing “is not going to happen, but I will answer your question.”

    Sestak would not. “In a war, you always know you’re going to succeed, and so I’m going to win, and I look forward to Sen. Specter’s support after the 18th,” he said. Pressed by Crowley, Sestak said, “Never deal with something that’s not going to happen.”

  2. He didn’t exactly deny it:

    Earlier in the day, both candidates had appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union,” to make their closing arguments on TV; by this point, the national media may be following the race more closely than local outlets are. (Only one Philadelphia TV news crew drove the 10 miles from downtown to cover the rally.) Sestak drew some flak when he appeared to tell CNN he wouldn’t support Specter against Republican Pat Toomey if he won. Talking to a few reporters after the rally, he clarified things.

    “Pat Toomey has to be defeated!” Sestak declared. “Whatever it takes to make sure he is — anything legally or ethically, and I’ll do it in a principled way.” But he’ll be the nominee, he said. And if he’s not, Democrats will be in trouble. “Pat Toomey must be defeated — he will be, if I win,” Sestak said. “He won’t be, if Arlen Specter is the nominee.”

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